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In Hungary alone, a total of about 3.000.000 m2 suitable roof surface


Wherever there is a sufficient supply of industrial water available, roof cooling spray systems have proved to be the most effective and economic way of heat protection.

American Society Of Heating, Refrigerating And A-C Engineers Fdn

Payback is expected in the first summer for large industrial halls with significant internal thermal expansion

— EnergyHub

Although the technology uses industrial water, the total water footprint of the technology is still 25-90% lower than the energy required for the cooling power generated by Roof Cooling (depending on the type of power plant).



With a self-learning, smart control system, we spray just the right amount of water at every point on the roof, at every moment, for maximum evaporation. No dry surfaces, no puddles.

Industrial water demand on the order of 0.65m3 / m2 per season

Outside roof temperature Inside air temperature Inside ceiling temperature
Without WaterFilm Technology 62-78 °C 32-43 °C 46-51 °C
With WaterFilm Technology 30-32 °C 26-28 °C 30-34 °C

WaterFilm Technology®, an EU SME Innovation, offers solution for all of them:

Eliminates technical and labour-protection emergency shutdowns related to summer overheating and reduces the amount of waste.

Prevents the dilatation of the roof – eliminating leakage.

Prevents automatic shut-downs of overheated air conditioners, and reduces their energy consumption by as much as 80 percent.

In Hungary: as from 2017, 30-50% tax allowance on energy efficiency investments.

Certificates, collaborating partners

Validation, efficiency measurements, calculations:

energetics and labour protection

“There should be focus on measures which avoid overheating, … and further development and application of passive cooling techniques, primarily those that improve indoor climatic conditions and the micro-climate around buildings.” — PARAGRAPH (25) - 2010/31/EU Directive


  • As far as we know, WaterFilm Technology® is the only cooling technology that fully complies with the above EU Directive, “improving indoor climatic conditions and the microclimate around the buildings” at the same time.
  • Hungary: based on the corporate tax amendment of November 2016, there is a 30-50% tax allowance on energy efficiency investments.


WaterFilm Technology® meets the most stringent criteria:

  • European Commission - Seal of Excellence - WaterFilm Technology®, an EU SME Innovation, is outstanding in terms of all the three innovation criteria: Excellence, Impact, Quality and Efficiency of the action
  • it does not use or produce any material harmful for the environment
  • greatly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases
  • it consumes industrial water (groundwater, recuperated rain- or recycled water, which cannot be used for drinking)
  • it’s global water footprint is 25-90% lower than that of traditional HVAC (the water consumption of electricity needed for the same cooling performance - depending on the type of the power station)
  • energy consumption is minimal (30-40 kWh/10,000m2/day as a maximum)
  • dropping consumption of cooling energy by 40-80 % - at the GREATEST users of consumers –
  • while cooling-energy is GLOBALLY the single/main sector of energy-consumption still rapidly growing – which make this sector a central focus of EU Directives as well


According to customer’s information, since WaterFilm Technology® was experimentally introduced in the plants of GM (Opel) Szentgotthárd and Dunapack Zrt. (in 2008 and in 2006 respectively),

  • there has been no overheating-related shutdown
  • employees has always realized and indicated a tremendous effect of WFT®, within 1.5-2 hours it has been started or stopped


The payback depends largely on how much of a problem the heat is at the moment: typically between 2-3 months and 2 years. The quickest payback is expected when:

  • High operating and/or maintenance costs for cooling equipment
  • Internal thermal expansion
  • Roof coating damage due to expansion, even leaking, occurs.
  • Workers' discomfort due to heat
  • The company can benefit from TAO/EKR benefits (we provide professional support)

Cost of installation

For a 10.000 m2 hall, the installation of the system costs in the order of 100 million HUF, which in many cases is paid back in the first season.


The annual cost of operation, remote monitoring and maintenance is in the order of 5-10 million HUF. The industrial water demand of the system is about 0.65m3/1m2/year.

For a price offer, energy savings calculation, other payback options, support information, please contact us!


Sustainability awards

  • WFT® has reached the Final of Energy Globe Award, often called as the Academy Award of energetics and sustainability.
  • “As for those reaching the Final Round of the Energy Globe Award, the application of WaterFilm Technology® is definitely the project of the greatest significance in terms of energy savings, environment protection and – due to the working conditions of factory workers in summer –the affected workforce.”—
  • WFT® is winner of the 2018 Gran Prize Innovative Interdisciplinary Award established by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.